welding consumables welding wire

Welding Consumables

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LT Requisitions can provide a wide array of welding consumables including wire, rod and hard goods such as contact tips. Welding Consumables: Wire Welding wire is also known as filler metal. There are many different types of welding wire and rod that are available from LT Requisitions today. Covered electrodes used in shielded metal arc welding. […]

welding gases welding gas mixes

Welding Gases

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LT Requisitions can offer a complete line of welding gases delivered direct to your locations anywhere in the United States. These shielding gases include: Argon-carbon dioxide blend welding gases 50% argon/50% CO2 75% argon/25% CO2 85% argon/15% CO2 90% argon/10% CO2 95% argon/5% CO2 Argon-oxygen blends 95% argon/5% oxygen 98% argon/2% oxygen 99% argon/1% oxygen […]

unmanned aerial vehicles

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) are the wave of the future. “An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a drone, unmanned aircraft system (UAS), or by several other names, is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard. The flight of UAVs may operate with various degrees of autonomy: either under remote control by a human […]

drone vs drone

Drone vs Drone

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We’ve been reading about drone vs drone combat recently. Makes sense, right? Drones (aka UAV for unmanned aerial vehicle) are used in reconnaissance and air to surface attack modes every day by the US and presumably other nations. Fighting drones with other drones is the next logical step. As the military begins to look to the […]

H-1 helicopter program

H-1 Helicopter Program

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There is some news today in the aerospace and defense industry media about the H-1 helicopter program re: delays in the process of replacing the H-1 fleet. “H-1 helos: AH-1Z & UH-1Y: After a few months of delay, the USAF may soon re-release a request for proposals for the replacement of the UH-1 Huey helicopter […]

Defense Industry Changes

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Defense industry changes should accelerate under the Donald Trump administration. With the projected growth in defense spending should allow the aerospace and defense supply chain to invest in new capacity and new products. “For U.S. defense companies, value creation in the past 10-15 years has been achieved mainly by return of cash flow to shareholders, […]

veteran owned business

Veteran Owned Business

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LT Requisitions is a veteran owned business. We meet the Small Business Administration (SBA) guidelines for veteran owned status and are working on our HUBZone certification today. One of our owners served in the US Navy. He worked aboard aircraft carriers in the maintenance section for F18 fighter jets. We have extensive experience with all […]

supplier diversity

Supplier Diversity

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LT Requisitions is designed to work with your supplier diversity program. We satisfy the veteran owned component and are working on getting our HUBZone certification now. One of our owners served in the US Navy maintaining F18 fighter jets aboard aircraft carriers. “A Supplier Diversity program is a proactive business program which encourages the use of […]

hubzone certified facility new veteran owned distributor

New Veteran Owned Distributor

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LT REQUISITIONS is a new veteran owned distributor located in North Adams, MA. If you need it, we can source it! Please call today for more information about our industrial distribution services. We serve the military, aerospace/defense and large commercial clients. Visit our Request Quote page for more information or call 413-664-9377 today.