Our Business Model

LT REQUISITIONS is a veteran owned electronics distributor. We are actively expanding the product lines we distribute to provide greater value to our customers while maximizing our share of wallet at each relationship. Current product lines include:

  • COTS Power Cords
  • Custom Power Cords
  • COTS Data Cables
  • Custom Data Cables
  • Custom Wire Harnesses
  • Bulk Wire and Cable (including LSZH materials)
  • Connectors and Backshells
  • Heat Shrink and Tubing
  • Other Accessories
  • Welding Equipment
  • Welding Consumables
  • Cutting Equipment
  • Cutting Consumables
  • Welding Gases
  • Cutting Gases

We also have access to service providers who can perform lead tinning operations on your electronic components.